Coalition for the Homeless
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The Leadership Alliance Research Foundation is a mentoring/learning-service project which unites men and women from the greater metropolitan area with Doe Fund clients in activities and discussions that empower and engage them and the world around them. The Leadership Alliance Research Foundation aims to be a positive social support network and increase clients' employability and sense of self-worth by developing trusting relationships that nurture positive decisions and self discovery through active participation in service experiences.
Past activities have included volunteering to help in all programs everywhere, organizing and hosting Blueprint to Successful Reentry: From That to This, a panel discussion and forum on reentering society after incarceration. Under the leadership of The Doe Fund's Criminal Justice Department, the Leadership for Alliance Research Foundation continues to build relationships and opportunities that afford Doe Fund clients opportunities to display and enhance their skills, giving them both a sense of accomplishment and proof that they possess the ability to positively contribute to greater society.
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