Coalition for the Homeless
Alliance Research Foundation Intitution
The hardest thing to do upon release from prison is find a job. Often, despite their best intentions, formerly incarcerated individuals can languish without employment for months or even years due to poor work histories, lack of skills, and the stigma of a criminal record. This situation often leads to desperation and, in many cases, more crime and recidivism. Within 3 years, 67% of people released from prison nationwide are re-arrested and 52% are re-incarcerated.
The main part of our mission is to house, support and advocate for people experiencing homelessness.
The Man and women have survived living in shelter, outside, and in unsafe living situations with abusive partners. They are coming from places where they do not have many personal belongings. Staff works to find household items to help the women feel welcome and self sufficient in their new homes.
Help the Man and woman who come from jail who needs assistant to better their live.
We help also provide support to all none profit organizations and Churches through our assistance programs consist to find to all type of resources and media programs: Television show and Radio show to discuss their gold and their program in process to better serve their community. Any none profit organization can be a guest at both shows free of charge by joining Alliance Research Foundation.
I believe Alliance research Foundation is a hopeful organization. One that unites rather than divides. One that brings out the best in people -- not just the formerly homeless men who pass through our programs, but all whose lives they touch -- their own families and children, and all community members who benefit from the difference they are making in the quality of life in our city and the monumental changes they are making in themselves.
The men and women who often come from very difficult backgrounds. They are products of poverty, poor education, alcoholism, drug addiction and families broken in ways most of us cannot imagine.
Despite all of this, they come to us wanting to be productive and useful, wanting to be an asset to their families, communities and city, and wanting to share in both the benefits and responsibilities of being an American. As you come to know the individuals and yourselves, you appreciate the heroic proportion of everybody struggle to change and their profound gratitude for the opportunity that this program provides - structured paid work and collective caring.
The men and women who’ serving in food drill, assistant homeless, people who come jail and they pride in the work they do every day on our streets and sidewalks. Their success is a tribute, not only to their determination, but to the enormous support and appreciation they receive from caring individuals who believe in them and in the transformative power of work.
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