Coalition for the Homeless
Your support makes world of difference
Our work would be impossible without the generosity of the community. Foundations, corporations, the faith community and individual donors provide the crucial financial support to fuel our work with people experiencing homelessness.
Why Is Secured Funding Necessary for Homeless Services?
There is the distinct moral and ethical value attached to a community being able to provide for its most disadvantaged members. Every single person deserves a roof over their head and the safety and security that provides.
In addition, there are financial benefits to providing services to rehabilitate the homeless. Many homeless persons experience time in an institution of the state. From county mental health facilities to the county jails, it is much more economical to provide them with rehabilitative services than it is to incarcerate them. The police force will also see the benefit of not having to commit so much time and officers to homeless related matters. Health institutions will benefit from lower instances of homelessness in the community. All sides benefit from increased rehabilitative services to the homeless, from taxpayers, business owners, law enforcement to the homeless themselves.
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