Coalition for the Homeless
What you need to know about homelessness
Families comprise more than half the homeless in our Country
33% of homeless families are working poor.
77% of families are homeless due to a lack of affordable housing.
One out of every 3 homeless persons is a child.
Rural homelessness is not the same as urban homelessness
37% of the rural homeless population is between the ages of 18 and 24, compared to 13% of the urban population.
57% of rural homeless are part of a family (versus 45% of urban homeless)
Rural homeless is a new phenomena – more people in rural communities report this is their first experience ever being homeless.
The homeless are educated, skilled, and veterans…
22% of chronically homeless individuals have some college or technical training;
37% have at least a GED or High School diploma.
13% of the homeless population is comprised of veterans, although this number is under-reported.
26% of the homeless receive Social Security Income
Homelessness is an economic issue…
The major factors contributing to homelessness:

Lack of affordable housing
Debt and/or lack of income
Lack of employment or underemployment
Jail and after jail individuals needs to be properly rehabilitated
We have after jail programs better the individuals for future.
Job training programs in all projects will be our next step in New York, we hope all none profit organizations in New York apply this plan for the rest of the Country.
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